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'DaVinci' 'IQ' Vaporizer

'DaVinci' 'IQ' Vaporizer

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The 'IQ' vaporizer for dry herbs of 'DaVinci' is distinguished by its stylish design, an even... more
Product information 'DaVinci' 'IQ' Vaporizer
The 'IQ' vaporizer for dry herbs of 'DaVinci' is distinguished by its stylish design, an even better taste experience (compared to the older models) and its outstanding 'intelligence'. Based on convection heating, the 'IQ' has a ceramic/zirconia airflow path which provides for an incomparably unadulterated taste of the herbal steam. A removable aroma chamber, also made of non-corroding zirconium, ensures a cooling of the steam. If this chamber is filled with herbs, it acts as a taste enhancer and the steaminess becomes even more aromatic.

The only 9cm long and 2.4cm wide full steam engine has a replaceable, 3,500mAh strong 18650 lithium-ion battery which can be changed quickly and easily by a small flap in the housing. The battery can be recharged externally while a second battery ensures undisturbed vaporisation for ca. 1.5 hours. The battery can also be charged in the device via the micro USB port.

The smart technology of the 'IQ' allows the user to choose between many setting options. Selectable by push-button pressure are four different temperature levels (180-190° C, 190-200° C, 200-210° C, 210-220° C / 356-374° F, 374-392° F, 392-410° F, 410-428° F). With the precision mode, the temperature can be set with 1 degree accuracy from 0-230° C. Particularly smart: With the boost function it can be boosted quickly to the maximum temperature by the push of a button.

The screen of the very compact vaporizer is formed by 51 small lamps in the housing. It shows the heating phase, the battery state and the temperature. Small arrows and symbols provide the right overview, supported by vibration effect.
With a Bluetooth App, the users can personalise their IQ Vaporizer.

Scoper of Delivery:
  • 1pc ‘IQ‘ vaporizer
  • 1pc USB-charging cable
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 1pc key chain tool
  • 1pc 10mm adapter mouthpiece
  • 1pc ‘IQ‘ storage capsule
  • 9pcs alcohol wipe
  • 1pc user manual

  • Attention: Charging with mains adapter usual in trade with 5 Volt and at least 1000mA power output!
  • MA: 90x43x24mm
  • F: Various Colours
  • PR: DaVinci Logo
  • SY: Convection, Closed Ceramic-Zirconium Heating Chamber
  • OEL: For Herbs
  • PO: Interchangeable 3500mA/h Rechargeable Battery
    5Volt/1Amper, Micro USB-Port
  • GA: 10 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Gerät Größe: M-Handtasche
    Power: USB Stecker
    Oil: not suitable for oil
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