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Titanium Nail Set oil colour w. Glass Pan + Dabber

Titanium Nail Set oil colour w. Glass Pan + Dabber

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The dabbing kit, packed in a nice metal box, contains an universal oil nail made of titanium, 2... more
Product information Titanium Nail Set oil colour w. Glass Pan + Dabber
The dabbing kit, packed in a nice metal box, contains an universal oil nail made of titanium, 2 oil pans made of quartz glass, a silicone box, a dabber and a carb cap on which the dabber can be screwed on.

The oil nail easily turns a normal glass bong into a pipe to enjoy concentrates such as oil or wax, a so-called oil or dab rig. Depending on the directions the oil nail is screwed together, it fits on appropriate water pipes with standard grindig 10, 14 and 19 male and female grindings. Suitable for dabbing are slightly smaller glass bongs with not too large a diameter. Because the steam which arises when smoking oil, is very powerful. By heating the oil pans with a gas torch, the smoke is even hotter than usual, so we recommend to take a bong with cooling filter elements, for example percolator, diffuser or a large ice chamber.

The oil pans are made of quartz glass which keeps the heat longer in the pan. This is very useful for dabbing. In addition, the taste remains unadulterated. The silicone container is ideal for storing oil or wax, as sticky concentrates will do not adhere to it.

Dabbing can be this easy: Put the titanium nail on the bong instead of the normal bowl and heat the glass pan with a gas burner until it glows, allow to cool briefly and then add the concentrate to the pan using the dabber-carb cap. Turn the dabber over and reduce the air draft with the carb cap to generate more steam - and inhale and enjoy the resulting smoke! Incidentally, titanium nail and glass pans can be cleaned effortlessly together with a multi-surface cleaner such as our Bong Master Liquid.

More information about smoking oil or essence you will find at this infopage.
  • M: Titanium Grade 2, Borosilicate Glass
  • F: oil colour
  • NS: For 10/14/19 and 10F/14F/19F (10/14,5/18,8mm male + female)
  • L: 64mm
  • D: 22mm inside
  • ZB: 2x Glass Pan, Titanium Dabber/Blade, Silicone Box
  • IN: Comes in a Metal Box
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