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Your data & privacy

Data protection declaration Micropac GmbH

Privacy and data protection

We are happy that you are using our internet site. The protection of your personal data are very important for us. So below we will show you detailed what we do with your data. At every call of a website, your computer send data like the site you are visiting, used send quantity of data, IP address, date, time, requesting provider to our server. These data we use only for a continuous management and improvement of our sites. This is conform with the German General Data Protection Regulation ( further GDPR ), article 6, section 1, site 1, letter F, to protect our overriding interests in a correct presentation of our offers and internet sites. Consulting our internet site is usually possible without information of your personalized data. Micropac GmbH guarantees, that your personal data will be highly protected and will not be submitted to third parties, except to process your order, we will transmit your data to our delivery partners (name, address, telephone, email-address). Our delivery services have to follow the same German rules of data protection just as we do. Your personal data, that you give us to process your order, or to contact us, we only use for the purpose, for which you gave us these data. This agreement to use your data you can revoke at any time. (by email to datenschutz@blackleaf.de, or by letter to Micropac GmbH, Bonner Str. 11a, DE-53773 Hennef, Germany). Your data will be deleted, as soon as they are no longer necessary to process your order, or as long as the German law requires to safe the data, any other of your data will be deleted immediately.

E-Mail-Advertising and registration to the newsletter

When you sign up to our newsletter, we use your personal data and additional send data depending on your agreement, conform the regulations of GDPR, article 6, section 1, site 1, letter A, to send you our newsletters. You can revoke this agreement at every time to the further announced contact or a prepared link in the newsletter. After cancellation we remove your E-Mail-Address of our system, except your agreement to a further usage of your data or we reserve us the legal right using your data beyond your cancellation.

German Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA) and German Tele media Act (TMA)

Our practice of data protection is in accordance with the actual German Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA) and the actual German Tele media Act (TMA). According to the Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA) are personal data exclusively information’s about natural persons. We indicate, that electronic data transmissions in the internet are not completely protected against attacks from unauthorized persons or computers.

SSL – Secure Socket Layer

When you are asked to give us your personal data, we receive them by a temporarily encoded SSL-transmission (Secure Socket Layer), an internationally accepted secure standard. So we protect your data against unauthorized access by third parties. You can recognize the secure connection in the address line of your internet browser, at the left side. There you can see that the URL of our website begins with https://.... Your data will be stored on our own protected computers and only used within the Micropac GmbH. As another evidence for a secure transmission, you can also see a closed lock at the left side of the address line of your internet browser.


Your visit at our website will only be stored as anonym data for statistical purposes, so named cookies. These data do not contain any personal data. We only can see your internet provider, from which website you’ve been coming to our website, date and time of your visit. We use the data to generate a user profile. Therefor we use cookies. They are small text files on your computer. They cannot damage your system. The cookies are not meant for unauthorized persons or computers, but with help of the cookies we can improve your experience on our website. You have the right and the opportunity, to reject these cookies, but without these cookies our service will be reduced and in some cases you might not be able to make use of all functions of our website. We don’t give these data to third parties. You can every time deny the use of cookies, but when you do this, it is possible, that you cannot use our internet sites or offers in full manner. This is conform with the German General Data Protection Regulation ( further GDPR ), article 6, section 1, site 1, letter F, to protect our overriding interests in a correct presentation of our offers and internet sites. We also use so named session cookies. These are cookies that will be deleted immediately, when you leave our internet sites. Other cookies are permanent on your computer (persistent cookies). The time of storing these cookies depends on your browser-adjustment about cookies. Here are some hints for some browser, how to adjust cookies:
Safari™: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH21411?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
Chrome™: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en-GB
Firefox™: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/delete-cookies-remove-info-websites-stored
Opera™ : http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/en/cookies.html
If you deny cookies, the functionality of our websites may be limited.


We have implemented necessary technical and organizational measures, to guarantee a maximum security for your personal data:    

  1. Network and Computer of the Micropac GmbH are protected against unauthorized access.
  2. All employees of the Micropac GmbH are legally obligated to observe the law of §5 FDPA and following §§.
  3. The Data Protection Officer and our internal IT-Department check regularly, that the data protection regulations are up to date.


Questions about data protection

If you have any question, suggestion or complaint in reference to the data protection at Micropac GmbH, please contact our Data Protection Officer, who will be available for all your questions.

Officer of the data protection

Do you have any questions, so contact us please!

The responsible data protection officer is:
Nikola Bernhard 
Data Protection Officer 

Micropac GmbH
Bonner Str. 11a
DE-53773 Hennef
Phone: +49224287416121
Fax: +4922428741629
E-Mail: datenschutz@blackleaf.de

Legal references:


Content and structure of our internet sites are under law of our copyright. All rights reserved. Information’s or data’s  (Text, pics, audio, video, animations) of the Micropac GmbH Internet sites are not allowed to copy, public or use without written approval of the Micropac GmbH, also not in extracts.

Trademarks and und logos

On the Micropac GmbH internet sites used trademarks and logos are protected by their owners. It is not allowed to use them without their or/and our written approval.

Hyperlinks and Links on our internet site

Many companies you will find under their own names, they may have an own internet site. Maybe, there are also protected information’s.
If you use some links in our Micropac GmbH internet sites, you will leave our sites and our responsibility. Micropac GmbH will never assume warranty for the correctness, precision, reliability or completeness of information’s on internet sites you visit over our links. We reject any liability for faults or omissions in foreign internet sites. A link from our internet sites is only a help to get to this pages. This is not a sign, that Micropac GmbH will be approve, or say the information’s are right on this internet sites.

Data sharing

To fulfill the performance of any contract between yours and us, we have to share personal data conform the GDPR, article 6, section 1, site 1, letter A, to our delivery agents, as far as it is necessary handling our contract with you. Depending on your credit institute, your institute will use your personal data itself. Data protection declarations of the respective credit institute will here be valid. Data sharing to delivery provider If you declare during or after your order, that you explicit instructed us to fulfill your order in accordance with the GDPR, article 6, section 1, site 1, letter A, we will share in addition to your personal data your E-Mail-Address and telephone number to the selected delivery provider, so he can contact you during the fulfillment of this order. You can deny this at every time by informing the selected provider or to a contact to us. Your data will be deleted, as soon as they are no longer necessary to process your order, or as long as the German law requires to safe the data, any other of your data will be deleted immediately. Our delivery providers are in most cases:

DPD Deutschland GmbH
Wailandtstraße 1
DE-63741 Aschaffenburg

DHL Paket GmbH
Sträßchens Weg 10
DE-53113 Bonn

Use of the payment method barzahlen.de

When using the payment method "Barzahlen", we will provide your personal data (first and last name, street, house number, postal code, city, date of birth, e-mail address and any telephone number) for the purpose of payment, in accordance with Art. 6 (1) lit. b DSGVO to the payment service provider Cash Payment Solutions GmbH, Dircksenstr. 40, 10178 Berlin, so that they can provide you with an individually generated number or barcode (payment slip) for the transaction. Your data will only be forwarded if this is necessary for the processing of the "Barzahlen" payment method. With this payment form, you can settle the respective payment amount by cash payment in the respective partner business of Cash Payment Solutions GmbH. The respective Barzahlen partner company transmits the payment confirmation in real time, whereupon, if the goods are available, we process your order and release it for dispatch. Cash Payment Solutions GmbH uses the bank NordFinanz Bank Aktiengesellschaft, Martinistrasse 48, 28195 Bremen (hereby referred to as "NordFinanz") to process the payment method "Barzahlen" and provides your payment data in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO - as far as necessary for the execution of the cash payment - to this on.

Both Cash Payment Solutions GmbH and NordFinanz use your personal data exclusively for the purpose of implementing the "Barzahlen" payment method and for fulfilling money laundering regulations. Further information on the transfer and processing of your data can be found in the paydirekt data privacy statement, which can be viewed at the following link: https://www.barzahlen.de/de/data protection

Use of the payment method paymorrow

In order to assess the liability risk and the creditworthiness check, paymorrow or partner companies commissioned by paymorrow, if applicable, and taking into account their respective legitimate interests in the exclusion of transmission or use when registering to purchase the invoice, may transmit your address data to credit rating agencies and credit rating agencies.

For the purpose of their own credit check, paymorrow or partner companies commissioned by paymorrow may request credit information from the named institutes on the basis of mathematical-statistical procedures. In these cases you agree to the communication of your first and last name, street, house number, zip code, city, and your date of birth to the named institutes.

In this case, paymorrow ensures that both the commissioned partner companies and the institutes mentioned process and / or use the data exclusively within the scope of the purpose. All credit checks are carried out to prevent difficulties in payments. The exchange of data between paymorrow, partner companies commissioned by paymorrow and other business information services protects online commerce from damage that has a long-term effect on sales prices. So you benefit too as an end customer from an examination of the customer data for this purpose.

Consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data for the purpose of identity verification

As part of the identity verification, the customer agrees that his personal data is transmitted for the purpose of identity verification to the SCHUFA (SCHUFA Holding AG, Kormoranweg 5, 65201 Wiesbaden. SCHUFA will then check the accordance of the stored personal data with that data given by the customer and, if applicable, a reference to an identification-based authentication test carried out by SCHUFA or another contracting party back to Paymorrow. Paymorrow can therefore use the submitted matching rates to determine whether a person is stored in the SCHUFA database at the address given by the customer. A further exchange of data or a transmission of deviating addresses as well as a storage of my data in the SCHUFA dataset does not take place. For reasons of proof, only the fact of checking the address is stored at the SCHUFA.

The data will be passed on to the following partner companies:

  • SCHUFA Holding AG, Kormoranweg 5, 65201 Wiesbaden CRIF Bürgel GmbH, Radlkoferstraße 2, D-81373 München, 
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 - 89 80 3 – 0, Fax: -777
  • Creditreform Boniversum GmbH, Hellersbergstr. 11, D-41460 Neuss,
Tel.: +49 (0)2131-109-501, Fax: -557 (Die Informationen gem. Art. 14 der EU- Datenschutz-Grundverordnung zu der bei der
  • Creditreform Boniversum GmbH stattfindenden Datenverarbeitung finden Sie hier: www.boniversum.de/EU-DSGVO) infoscore Consumer Data GmbH, Abteilung Datenschutz, Rheinstraße 99, D-76532 Baden-Baden, 
Fax: +49 (7221) 5040-3201 "Real" Inform GmbH, Normannenweg 32, 20537 Hamburg, Fax: +49 40 23 88 14-59

Set Links to Micropac GmbH Internet sites

Setting a link to the internet sites of Micropac GmbH is only permitted, if it links to the homepage of Micropac GmbH (https://blackleaf.de).


We are trying to protect your personal data as far as possible through technical and organizational funds, we are afraid to tell you, that a complete protection against unauthorized persons or computers is not possible.

Contacts and your rights

As affected company and/or person you have the following rights:
In accordance with GDPR, article 15, you have the right to request the information, which of you we use.
In accordance with GDPR, article 16, you have the right to request the immediately correction of incomplete or wrong data of yours.
In accordance with GDPR, article 17, you have the right to request the cancellation of your data, except these data are not necessary for the further processing to use the right of free expression of opinion, fulfill legal right obligations, assertion, and fulfillment defend legal claims.
In accordance with GDPR, article 18, you have the right to request the limitation of working with your data, as far as data may be wrong, in your opinion, or the usage of your data are illegal, but you deny the cancellation, or we don’t use your data any more, you need this data for fulfill legal right obligations, assertion, fulfillment and defend legal claims.
In accordance with GDPR, article 20, you have the right to permit your personal data in a not machine readable format, that we can read or decode; or only a named person by you in our company shall receive your data.
In accordance with GDPR, article 21, you contradict the usage of your data.
In accordance with GDPR, article 77, you have the right to complain at a supervisory authority. Usual you can contact a supervisory authority in your city, or workplace or at the location of our company.

Contradiction right

As far as we protect our overriding interests in a correct presentation of our offers and internet sites in accordance with the GDPR, article 6, section 1, site 1, letter F, to protect our overriding interests in a correct presentation of our offers and internet sites, you have the right to contract now and in future the usage of your personal data, in accordance with the usage for advertising. In the manner of using the data in –normal- order process or our intern storage, you can contract the usage of data only at special reason. The exception is a necessary protection of these data that override your right of personal interests, rights or freedom or when you need this data to fulfill legal right obligations, assertion, and fulfillment defend legal claims.

Privacy Policy for the use of Facebook plug-ins (Like-Button)

On our pages plugins of the social network Facebook (Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California, 94025, USA) are integrated. The Facebook plugins can be recognized by the Facebook logo or the Like-Button (Like) on our site. An overview of the Facebook plugins can be found here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/. When you visit our pages, the plugin establishes a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. Facebook receives the information that you have visited our site with your IP address. If you click on the Facebook Like-Button while you are logged into your Facebook account, you can link the contents of our pages to your Facebook profile. As a result, Facebook can assign the visit to our pages to your user account. We point out that we as the provider of the pages are not aware of the content of the data transmitted and their use by Facebook. Further information can be found in the Facebook privacy policy at http://de-de.facebook.com/policy.php. If you do not wish Facebook to associate your visit to our pages with your Facebook user account, please log out of your Facebook user account. Adjustments to protect your personal data, please look here at the data protection hints of the selected provider: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php 

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics an analytics program provided by Google Inc. ("Google").
Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how a visitor to the website uses the web site. The information how you use the page (including your IP- address) are transferred to Google and saved on servers in the USA.
Google uses this information to evaluate your visit to our website, produce reports which inform us about activities on the website, and to offer other services concerning our sites users.
Google may give this information to other parties as required by US law.
You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.
Should you wish to opt out of this data collection, you can do so by clicking on this link: http://www.blackleaf.de/exclude_google_analytics.html

Privacy Policy for the use of Google AdSense

This website uses Google AdSense, a service for integrating advertisements of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google AdSense uses so-called "cookies", text files that are stored on your computer and that allow an analysis of the use of the website. Google AdSense also uses so-called web beacons (invisible graphics). These web beacons can be used to evaluate information such as visitor traffic on these pages.
The information generated by cookies and web beacons on the use of this website (including your IP address) and delivery of advertising formats are transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the USA. This information may be shared by Google with Google affiliates. However, Google will not merge your IP address with other data you have stored.
You can prevent the installation of cookies by setting your browser software accordingly; however, please be aware that in this case you may not be able to fully use all the features of this website. By using this website, you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above.

Privacy Policy for the use of Google +1

Collection and dissemination of information:

Use the Google +1 button to publish information worldwide. The Google + 1 button will provide you and other users with personalized content from Google and our partners. Google stores both the information that you + 1 for a piece of content and information about the page you viewed when you clicked +1. Your + 1's may appear as clues along with your profile name and photo in Google services, such as in search results or in your Google profile, or elsewhere on websites and ads on the web.
Google records information about your + 1 activity to improve Google services to you and others. To use the Google + 1 button, you need a globally visible, public Google profile that has at least the name chosen for the profile. This name will be used in all Google services. In some cases, this name may also replace a different name you used when sharing content through your Google Account. The identity of your Google Profile may be displayed to users who know your email address or have other identifying information from you.

Use of the information collected

In addition to the uses outlined above, the information you provide will be used in accordance with applicable Google privacy policy. Google may publish summarized statistics about users + 1 activity or share it with users and partners, such as publishers, advertisers, or affiliate websites.

Privacy Policy for the use of Twitter

Functions of the Twitter service are integrated on our sites. These functions are provided by Twitter Inc., Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. By using Twitter and the Re-Tweet feature, the web pages you visit will be linked to your Twitter account and shared with other users. This data is also transmitted to Twitter. We point out that we as the provider of the pages are not aware of the content of the transmitted data and their use by Twitter. For more information, see the Twitter Privacy Policy at http://twitter.com/privacy.
You can change your privacy settings on Twitter in the Account Settings at http://twitter.com/account/settings.
Source reference: eRecht24, Facebook Privacy Statement, Google Analytics Privacy Policy, Google AdSense Disclaimer, Google +1 Terms, Privacy Policy Twitter. Adjustments to protect your personal data, please look here at the data protection hints of the selected provider:https://twitter.com/privacy .

Youtube Video Plugins

On this internet site will be content of third parties. This content will be provided by Google LLC („Provider“). Youtube is practiced by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA („Google“).
At videos of Youtube, that are implemented on our internet sites is an extended data protection adjustment activated. That means, that no information of visitors of Youtube will be asked or stored, accepting, you play the video. The implementation of this videos is conform with the GDPR, article 6, section 1, site 1, letter F, to protect our overriding interests in a correct presentation of our offers and internet sites. Purpose and extent of data collection and the further processing and usage of these data of YouTube and your regarding rights and possible adjustments to protect your privacy, please look at the data protection declarations of Google at http://www.google.com/intl/de/+/policy/+1button.html.


The use, in case of publication of our contact data’s, prescribed by law, we prohibit the unsolicited consignment of any kind of advertising and/or information material. As owner of the Micropac GmbH internet site, we reserve us explicit the right, to use juridical steps in case of unsolicited mailing of any kind of advertising, also over spam mails.

Status 18.05.2018

Data protection declaration was made by the intern Data Protection Officer of the Micropac GmbH and with the Trusted Shop Right Texter in cooperation with Wilde Beuger Solmecke Lawyers.



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Micropac GmbH
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Tel.: 0 22 42 - 87 41 62 75
E-Mail Adresse:

Managing Director: Ernst Meerbeck
VAT ID (Value Added Tax identification number): DE263626682
Business Registration ID.: HRB 10355, AG Siegburg

No cease and desist notices will be accepted without prior contact with us!

Should the contents or design of our website pages infringe on legal regulations or third party-rights, we ask you to send us a corresponding message without applying any notice of fees. The removal of any legal regulations violations originating from our web pages, is not made by the owner/holder (of those copyrights) themselves, without our permission.

Rightfully objected infringements will be removed by us immediately. Calling in a legal counsel is unnecessary for you. Any incurred costs you claim without previously contacting us, we will fully reject and depending on circumstances, as required file a countersuit for infringement of the regulations mentioned above.